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Frequently Asked Questions for the Backpacker

Q Is a working visa necessary if I hold another passport?
Yes, you must have a valid working visa for the UK. These are ONLY AVAILABLE ....

  1. If you are a Commonwealth citizen under the age of 30, then you can get a 2 year working holiday visa.
  2. If one of your grandparents was British you can get a 4 year working visa regardless of age.
  3. If you are a US or Canadian student under 30 (or have graduated within 6 months) please contact the BUNAC organisation in Connecticut who can arrange a 6 months BUNAC Visa.

Q Can I work in the UK if I am from outside the EU (other than above)?
NO! Dee cannot assist you in finding work here.

Q How much time can I work for?
A working visa entitles you to work full time and your employment rights are the same as a UK citizen.

Q Should I call or Email Dee before I travel?
You can telephone or Email Dee from your home country, but it is far better to telephone her on arrival in the UK. She will then have a completely up to date list of current jobs and will hopefully be able to sort out your request immediately. However if you have additional questions Dee is more than happy to reply to your E-Mail.
Remember - when you arrive in the UK, you telephone Dee Cooper on 01764 670001 or 01764 679765.

Q How easy is it to get a job?
Very easy. Most people who call Dee are in work within 24 hrs.

Q Do I need hotel experience?
Although useful, it is not absolutely necessary. Your personality and ability to work well with people is more important.

Q How much will I be paid?
This varies between hotels, but a rule of thumb is around £214 per week for a 40 hour week. This would in all cases include free food and a bedroom. See the UK Governments DTI website for full details

Q Where can I find accommodation in London?
If you are looking for cheap accommodation then try sharing a flat in the Capital. Our website allows you to organise shared accommodation with like-minded young people before you arrive in the UK. Visit the site for full details.

Q What do I need for workwear?
Boys need dark smart trousers (not black jeans), a white shirt and a reasonable pair of shoes. Girls need dark skirt (long or short, but not too short!!), white shirt and reasonable shoes. Some hotels do provide a free uniform.

Q How long are the assignments for?
Most hotels need people for between 3 to 6 months depending on the time of year. If you arrive in the UK at easter, hotels will be looking for a 6 month commitment, however if you arrive in July then 3 months will be acceptable. This is not set in stone and there are some hotels looking for shorter periods.

Q Where are all the jobs located?
Dee is asked to find employees for hotels all over the U.K from Devon and Cornwall to the top of Scotland. We do not generally cover central London as there are very few hotels in London giving a room with the job. We cover Wales, and the Lake District of England is particularly busy.

Q Do I have to go for an interview?
In most cases the interview will be conducted on the phone. If all goes well on the phone you will probably be offered a one week trial. It is very rare for people to fail the trial period, but if you do not like the job you are obviously free to leave.

Q Can I call Dee more than once?
You can call Dee every day until you find work. Dee receives in new job requests every day, so there is always something new.

Q Can we apply as a couple or even a group of travellers?
However you travel there is normally somewhere to place you. Single travellers are very easy to place. Couples sharing a room or two girls/two boys are also in demand. Groups of more than three are a little harder but can normally be placed in nearby hotels.

Q What about permanent employment?
For applicants with have a valid EU passport or the right to work indefinitely in the UK, Dee also offers hotel employment in chefing and supervisory positions, visit

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